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Excellent service and they pay attention to details!

JP Gravel

I can’t say enough about Steve, Sean and the guys in the back. I always get great service and prices, highly recommended!

Cory Hanson

I would like to thank you for the beautiful work you did for us with regard to the custom license plates that you provided our Company. You gave us great ideas and we got ( with your help ) exactly what we were looking for.
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for you professionalism and expertise.

Holly Pell
Devolbren Property Services Inc

Sean, and the rest of the guys at Clear Cut, are a pleasure to deal with. They did a great job on my original order, and now I am a multiple repeat customer, and will continue dealing with them. Quality product, with service to match.

- Mark Kost - 

Quick response to questions. Lowest quote. Product was ready fast. Staff was friendly. Couldn’t be happier.

Greg Pink

Big thanks, very much impressed with the quality of handling on our precise components and the attention to detail in finishing/deburring. We sent a package to yourselves and another local shop and, simply put, your product put theirs to shame.

Brian Hughes
SAIT Polytechnic – Applied Research and Innovation Services

Hello Steve,

My name is Brandon Frise I am the Purchaser for Heavy Industries in charge of setting up planning, ordering, and payment for our vendors which includes Clear Cut Metal Works.

I just thought I’d give a quick compliment of service regarding your staff and quality of work that has been sent back. We always receive extremely helpful and friendly responses from all employees but especially from Kyle Hubert and Sean Robertshaw. With their willingness to work with our often inconvenient lead times we always think of Clear Cut when any work needs to be done, whether it is a rush or not. The quality of work sent back to our shop meets all requirements of the drawings and specifications we submit, I have personally never seen a bad piece come back.


Above all, the service we have received from Clear Cut Metal Works exceeds our expectations in a vendor and we’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude. I cannot count the number of times Kyle and Sean have gone above and beyond to provide outstanding results.

Thank you for the wonderful service and we’ll be sure to contact you in the future.



Brandon Frise | Purchaser
Heavy Industries

These guys are great! Extremely knowledgeable and really helped me pick the best metal and finish for my project. Great turn around time and my pieces look great!

Travis Barton

Was just getting some small work done for a wedding decoration and these guys did a great job. Quick turnaround, very affordable and high quality work. I’m very happy with these guys and have had colleagues use them as well. Thanks again Steve!

Jesse S

Great service and friendly staff. Quality products.

T. Hill

Prompt service. These guys are very professional and offer a high quality product.

Duncan McLeisch

Great place for your metal cutting needs. Very helpful staff.

Leonard Bangay

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